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“Trivial Pursuit 3:”… IS HERE!!!! Scroll Down To Check Out The Vids!!!



Tehran was born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in Columbus, GA. Throughout the years, he has always known GOD was working in his life. From gang affiliation, drug selling and consuming, he has had his fair shares of divine intervention. His eye opening moment came in 2014 when he was shot at from close range and after he got away he realized that not one bullet touched him, although his car was totaled. This began the transition. No more secular hip hop and a lot of worldly ways had to go. One night while contemplating whether or not to give up rap or try to do CHH (Christian Hip Hop), GOD spoke to him... LOUD and CLEAR. This assured Tehran that CHH was the way to minister to the world about GOD's goodness and there is no turning back!


“Trivial Pursuit 2"


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